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Hogwarts Radio has been broadcasting on and off to the Potter community since August 2008. Here are the people that have made the magic happen behind the microphone and help keep the show running today!

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Hosts that are not on as often, but are still welcome. They've earned their status on our wall of fame as dedicated individuals of the show. They may not be on often, but Hogwarts Radio will always be here to welcome them home!


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What we do:

Hogwarts Radio brings you analysis of J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World by bringing in subject matter experts, podcasters, musicians, YouTube artists, and passionate fans -- just like you in a jam packed audio format! Our podcast ventures into various news Potter/Fantastic Beasts stories, theories, and anything else related to the fabulous Wizarding World unlocked by J.K. Rowling's wonderful imagination.



Our Story:

We have been talking Potter for 9 years with over 300 hours of content that you can find on other areas of our site. Hogwarts Radio is the official podcast of HPANA and continues to be a source of Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts content for the Harry Potter fandom. We work hard each week to make sure you have the most relevant news stories, discussion, and so much more.

Recently, we have incorporated guest hosts into our line up to keep the show fresh, and more importantly, to make new friends! Our story is still being written, and we are so excited to have YOU become a part of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a list of questions we ALWAYS get from our listeners. So we thought we would answer a few, and give you a little more insight about our program.

What is Hogwarts Radio?

Hogwarts Radio is a Harry Potter podcast dedicated to discussing EVERYTHING that has to do with the series. We have been Rocking and Rowling the airwaves since August 2008. The show is entering it’s 9th full year of podcasting and continues to put out great discussion, and analysis of the Harry Potter books, and films.

How often is your show released?

We release a new episode every week! 

How can I listen?

There are many ways you can listen to Hogwarts Radio! One of the most popular methods is by subscribing to our show on iTunes so you can stay up to date with the most recently released episodes. We are also on other on demand entertainment sites such as Stitcher Radio, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Anchor, TuneIn, and Blubrry to name a few.

How can you still talk about Harry Potter even after the all the books are out?

It’s true. There’s no more theorizing about new events after the release of Deathly Hallows. However, there is still tons of news to talk about, stories about the theme parks, conventions, what the actors are doing now, what JK Rowling is up to, and much more! We’ve got the Harry Potter the Exhibition making it’s way around the world, “Making of Harry Potter” attraction already open in the U.K., Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London, NYC, and Australia, and some little 5 film series called "Fantastic Beasts." Trust me. There’s PLENTY to talk about. We keep our show fresh and interesting via our fun segments, and main discussions about anything and everything in the series!

Why isn’t J.K. Rowling on your show?

We would LOVE to have Jo on the show, but we are sure she has better things to do other than sit around and talk about a series she spent a good portion of her life on. She’s hard at work on her "The Corman Strike" series, but should the opportunity arise that we get the chance to speak with her (and that would be AMAZING), we might let you know.

I never get a response to the emails I send to you guys. What gives?!

Rest assured we DO READ ALL OUR EMAILS, but finding time to respond to every single one of them is a full time job in itself. We get tons of emails from listeners inquiring about the show, and responding to a comment we might have said. We do answer many of them, and even read a few on the show each week, however, it’s simply impossible for us to respond to all of them, but your email doesn’t go un-noticed, so keep sending them in!


Podcast Awards


2013- Best Produced Podcast
2011- Best Entertainment Podcast
2010- Best Produced Podcast
2009- Best General Podcast
2008- Podcast Awards - Best Cultural/Arts podcast