Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald -- Official Teaser Trailer

Hogwarts Radio #187: "Professor Dumbleswag" trailer reaction show!

Hogwarts Radio #191: Can You Smell What The Podcast Is Cooking

  • We kick off this week’s episode Introducing Gretchen Roesch as a permanent addition to our family!
  • NEW Scholastic covers for the 20th anniversary!
  • We have an unauthorized preview of the Hogwarts Mystery game!
  • Is the gameplay what Potter fans wanted?
  • Hidden gems and Easter Eggs galore!
  • Why was there such a weak lock on the third floor corridor?
  • Which scene in the series affected us the most?
  • Some really WTF names for books in the Wizarding World
  • Which house would ‘The Rock’ be in?

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