Hogwarts Radio #201: Bilius Wonka

  • And then there were 6. 
  • The panels from TPTMNBN and TPTDAKT join us! 
  • Luke re-discovers Wizard Rock and provides us with a his thoughts on the first Draco and The Malfoys album
  • Check out Likes Hogwarts Radio WROCK Spotify playlist each week to listen along and send us your thoughts?
  • How many deaths were there in the Harry Potter series?
  • The FB twitter account has been active as of late, does this mean there is a trailer around the corner?
  • MORE Lego sets revealed
  • Cursed Child making it's way to the west coast, and... AUSTRALIA! 
  • Do we want a movie for Beedle the Bard?
  • How would it work as an animation?
    • Is George Weasley secretly Willy Wonka?
  • Melissa blows our theory out of the water!
  • This or That highlights some painful ways of wizarding torture

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