Hogwarts Radio #177: Y'all got any more of that Harry Potter?

  • We're getting into Mischief this week!
  • The cast of the Mischief Managed podcast joins us as we dive right into the week's news!
  • Terrance finally took his Pottermore Patronus quiz, and the results were... interesting!
  • HPANA celebrates 15 years, relaunches and we are beyond excited!
  • Harry Potter news updated every 60 seconds. That's down from 30 minutes in 2002!
  • Prisoner of Azkaban illustrated edition is released, and we give our thoughts on some of Jim Kay's beautiful artwork.
  • Nicolas Flamel will appear in Fantastic Beasts 2, but in what capacity?
  • Is the Sorcerers Stone the key to defeating Grindelwald?
  • What did Dumbledore really die for?
  • Why do the witches and wizards of Chocolate Frogs disappear?
  • Celebrity House Placement this week is divided! Who did we sort?
  • That meme we were talking about.

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